Since 2004, MountainView Independent Pricing Service (IPS) has provided fixed income investors and investment managers with third-party, fair market valuation and price verification for hard-to-value assets. We serve diverse clients, from smaller institutions to global financial services firms, and value thousands of securities and whole loans representing billions of dollars in UPB.

In today's environment, one of the biggest issues facing asset managers is transparency. The high frequency of investment pricing issues in the last decade has made investors become increasingly weary, requiring realistic and sometimes "on-the-run" assurances of asset value. This is where the MountainView IPS team can help. Our valuation report documents model assumptions—prepayment speeds, default rates, loss severity, discount rates, and cash flow projections—for audit purposes. We deliver complete transparency of all model inputs and the results of the analysis, and our third-party validation satisfies FAS 157 requirements.

Asset Types

  • Performing Residential Whole Loans
  • Re-Performing Residential Whole Loans (RPL)
  • Non-Performing Residential Whole Loans (NPL)
  • Non-Agency RMBS
  • CMBS
  • ABS
  • CLOs
  • CDOs
  • Marketplace Loans


Valuation Process

Whether performing valuation or verification work, our team starts by assessing the merits of each security or loan pool. Through this task, we assess the collateral and structural nuances of assets, evaluate the current market outlook, and investigate potential credit risk. The process combines fundamental collateral analysis with a technical evaluation of market inputs, providing an exhaustive valuation.

Most importantly, we build separate projections for each of the underlying assumptions, including:

  • Defaults
  • Loss severity
  • Prepayments
  • Other cash flow model inputs

Collectively, these assumptions are used as inputs into the structured product or whole loan models to determine expected cash flows for each asset.

Contact us to learn more about how our process works or the model assumptions we operate under.